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Vivago MOVE

Designing a mobile app for the elderly

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What we did

This project contained the following services: UX Design, UI Design and Mobile apps.

Vivago develops smart safety and wellbeing solutions that enable elderly patients to maintain an independent, active lifestyle feeling safe and accounted for. In 2017, we designed the user interface of the mobile app that’s part of the Vivago MOVE™ wellness solution. 

The Vivago MOVE™ solution consists of the MOVE watch and the MOBILE app which work together with a care phone to monitor the real-time wellbeing of elderly patients living independently. The solution allows the patient and their caretaker to see the patient's wellbeing state at a glance and compare it with past wellbeing statistics, including sleep, activity level and circadian rhythm. The app can also send automatic alarms if the patient's wellbeing state changes. 

During the mobile app design process, we had to step into the shoes of the elderly and see the app from their point of view, right from the very basics to the last, delicate details. How do elderly users hold a smart phone in their hands? How do we show complex statistical information in the clearest way without losing any of its informative value? What kind of words do we use to alarm someone of their own or their loved one’s state of wellbeing? And most important of all, how do we build trust between the user and the app? After all, we are dealing with people whose health status may be poor.

How do we build trust between the user and the mobile app? After all, we are dealing with people whose health status may be poor.

We gathered a list of design drivers.

Create peace of mind. The mobile app must provide an honest picture of the wellbeing state. The patient and their caretaker can verify what the patient is feeling with clear data and assess their need of assistance. 

Enable easy access to caretakers. Calling for help is easy. The caretaker is always less than two clicks away. 

Increase the care effect by increasing interaction. Remind the patient that (s)he is not alone. Increasing interaction between the patient and caretaker can reduce stress and alienation and increase overall wellbeing.

Make using the mobile app a habit. In order to do that, the user experience must be accessible, engaging and effortless.

Be truthful - and do not purposefully dumb down the design. We're designing a mobile app for old people. Old people are not stupid. We must give all the information to those who wish to receive it.

We designed the user experience and user interface of the mobile app and developed a front end prototype that could be directly implemented in the app. The result is a simple yet informative, accessible and intuitive user interface.

The Vivago MOVE™ solution was launched in spring 2018 in the German market. You can read more about the app here.

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