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VideoVisit LiveMeet mobile app


Mobile apps for remote healthcare

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What we did

This project contained the following services: Digital Strategy, Service Design, UX Review, UX Design, UI Design, Visual Design & Identity, Mobile apps, DevOps

VideoVisit® is a Finnish market leader providing digital services and solutions for remote care in healthcare. We’ve partnered with VideoVisit to develop mobile apps that enable remote care utilizing their cloud service back end.

VideoVisit’s cloud service gathers remote care services and tools into one holistic platform that enables patients to receive healthcare services remotely. Outsourcing their mobile app development to us has allowed VideoVisit to focus on developing their cloud service capabilities in-house.

In recent times, the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the importance of online healthcare services. Remote solutions play a key role in enabling healthcare providers to offer services without putting clients, patients, and healthcare professionals at risk of infection.

How the project began

Our cooperation with VideoVisit began when they needed urgent technical help with developing their existing mobile apps. While supporting VideoVisit’s own product development team, we also conducted a UX Review on the apps. We evaluated their usability and technical implementation, identified problems and made suggestions for improvements. Based on our work in the UX Review, VideoVisit chose us to design and implement a holistic renewal of their apps.

What started as small-scale cooperation has expanded as the project has evolved. Today, we develop the majority of our VideoVisit’s mobile apps as their outsourced mobile app development team. 

Designing a universal and customizable interface

Simplicity and usability have been the design drivers of the mobile apps. The apps should be as clear as possible, so that anybody can use the apps easily with minimal mistakes, regardless of their skill level, minimal instructions needed.

VideoVisit sells their mobile app solutions to healthcare service providers. We’ve helped design how to productise the apps. All the elements in the user interface are simple so that colours, logos, and icons can easily be customized for different brands.

iPhone and android


We develop mobile apps for iOS and Android using React Native technology. Our team works closely together with VideoVisit’s own development team that handles the cloud service back end. We help advise on back end service architecture questions when needed.

Cooperation between teams happens mainly remotely with regular face-to-face meetings. Our designers and software architects work in our client’s quarters on an as-needed basis, usually when we have to align on the product vision or transmit large amounts of information. Trust and understanding of common goals make the cooperation seamless.

The Future

We’re currently renewing the apps for VideoVisit’s VV.io professional platform and creating the visual look of VV.io together with VideoVisit. We're developing new mobile app features that will help our client launch and sell their products to international markets.

Digitalization is revolutionizing health care. There are huge expectations for IT solutions in the renewal of social- and health care services. Remote care solutions allow services to be offered efficiently, and VideoVisit’s solutions have already brought over 400M€ in savings for health care providers (2019).


VideoVisit® mobile apps

VideoVisit® Live Meet application enables online doctor appointments for elderly home care and rehabilitation clients. Using the app, patients can meet with a healthcare professional easily and securely through a remote video connection. The patient joins the call through a link sent by the nurse. The patient is then able to authenticate their identity either via Suomi.fi service or by showing their ID. The app has all of today’s standard video call features. 


Maisa videovastaanotto is a customized app that we developed for Apotti based on VideoVisit® Live Meet. Maisa videovastaanotto works as part of Apotti’s Maisa portal, enabling remote appointments. Apotti is used by HUS Helsinki University Hospital, Helsinki and Vantaa, among others. For them, remote appointments have played an important role during the COVID-19 pandemic, as they enable offering services without putting customers, patients and health care workers at risk of infection.

We’ve also made Istekki Meet - a customized version of VideoVisit® Live Meet app for Istekki. Istekki's client organizations are also utilizing remote appointments to minimize pandemic infection risks.


VideoVisit® Family app is an easy-to-use mobile app that relatives can use to call the elderly home patient’s VideoVisit® Home tablet device. The relative app is part of VideoVisit® Home virtual care service.


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