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Keuruun Energia

Intranet PWA for employees in the field

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What we did

This project contained the following services: UX Design, UI Design, Mobile apps, DevOps

Local energy provider Keuruun Energia wanted their intranet solution to reach employees in the field. We created a Progressive Web App intranet that travels with employees in their mobile device.

Keuruun Energia is an independent Finnish energy company that has been providing energy services in the Keuruu area for over a hundred years. The group includes three companies - Keuruun Sähkö Oy, Keuruun Lämpövoima Oy and Radiki Oy - and employs altogether 50 people. 

The company needed an intranet solution that would reach its employees that work in the field, for example, in the maintenance of their electricity network. That's why they wanted the intranet in the form of a mobile app.

App screens

Progressive Web App (PWA)

We discussed the various implementation possibilities in light of our client's needs and their existing Android device base. We came to the conclusion that a Progressive Web App (PWA) would provide a light yet sufficient solution for the features that were needed. 

PWA is a mobile app that runs on the internet browser. It looks like an app and users can install the app on their mobile home screen. It also enables many of the same features that a native app offers.

Employees can carry the PWA app with them on the field in their mobile device, and thanks to push notification technology, communications will reach them easily. Yet, a PWA is much lighter to implement than a native app, and in this case, choosing PWA didn't mean we'd have to compromise on any features that our client needed.


Android screen

We developed the app on top of Drupal CMS.

It has the following features:

  • Distributing internal news releases: Admins can manage content and publish news articles using the Drupal admin interface. 
  • Employee messages: Employees can submit messages to management, e.g. regarding equipment. They can add attachments such as images to the message.
  • Document library: Content can be stored in a document library, where users can also mark items as favourites.
  • Push notifications: Users automatically receive push notifications about news releases if they've allowed it in their settings. Admin users can also send targeted push notifications manually.
  • Settings: Users can manage their individual notification settings. 
  • Sign-on: Users sign on with their Office365 details with a Single Sign-On principle.
  • Offline use: The intranet works both online and offline.

“The entire project was implemented based on our unique requirements, wishes, and goals from start to finish. Even though the app changed slightly along the way, the result was a customised solution that fits our needs perfectly.”

- Annika Back, Communications & Marketing, Keuruun Energia

A PWA-based intranet is a light solution that serves the needs of companies of different sizes and industries without requiring a heavy implementation project. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you'd like to know more about this solution or discuss your company's specific needs. 

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