Let's make a culture of freedom

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We believe in teams that take charge, because best work comes out of freedom. We want to extend that freedom to everything, including the space we occupy. Our HR team won’t decorate the office with orange FatBoys. If you work here, you define the culture by what you do. Want to paint a wall? Go ahead. It’s like you paint a graffiti, and somebody will some day paint over it. 

Sangre teams

Teams have the power

Introvert or extrovert, what matters is that you work well with a team. With us, being a team means being surrounded by other inspiring, smart people that you can learn from. As a team, you share responsibility over your work. That’s why we have mentors, not managers.

Sangre office dog

We are who we are

We are a mix of designers, engineers and business people. We’re also musicians, photographers, skateboarders, surfers, DJs, yogis. We all have our own side projects and there’s much more to life than just work. That’s why we don’t believe in leaving your personality out of the workplace. 


What's in it for you

  • Challenging projects with top clients
  • Ability to shape your own role 
  • Mentors, no managers
  • Ping pong & good coffee

Plus the obvious goodies: competitive salary, occupational health care, office in central Helsinki/Warsaw, in-house yoga classes, company getaways & kickoffs, craft beer always in the fridge. Want to see something else here? Bring it up, we’re listening.

Come and make your mark.

We're welcoming applications to our Helsinki and Warsaw offices.

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Send us your CV or a link to your Linkedin profile and tell us what you'd like to do together.

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