we believe in teamwork

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For us, a team consists of professionals from different fields. These professionals come together to create something beautiful. With us everybody in the team is a part of the whole design process. You get to participate and develop your talent in all areas of the process.

Our people work at our own office. We are not in the business of renting people out. In our teams we have also guys who work remotely 95% of the time. If it works, it works.

We believe in full human beings. That is why we want to give our people a chance to work to the best of their ability and develop their talent to the fullest, and we offer all our support in this. We do not believe personal happiness is something to be managed by a company you are working for. You can come in at our office and throw high fives if that is what you love to do. A lot of our guys are not like that. With us you are accepted as the sort of person you are.

We are proud of the work we do. We work on diverse, innovative projects. We do basic websites as well, but most of our work consists of challenging business critical online services, mobile applications or developing novel online businesses from scratch. We do a lot of prototyping, testing, trials and cyclical agile development. Our focus is on the overall usability and the financial feasibility of the services we develop. A lot of the code you’d do might not end up in the actual release version and that is by design of our process.

We offer a position in a rapidly growing start-up with great career opportunities and a competitive salary. Your work will be challenging, often changing on a short notice, but never boring. We value an ability to work both independently as well as a part of a bigger team.

We are located in Central Helsinki and Warsaw.

Java / Scala Developer

[Helsinki / Warsaw] Are you an experienced Java / Scala Developer looking for a new challenge?

That's me!

Node.js Developer

[Warsaw / Helsinki] Are you a Javascript Developer with focus on node.js?

Yes, I am!

Senior Software Architect

[Helsinki] Haussa kokenut ohjelmistoarkkitehti/-suunnittelija Helsingin toimistollemme. Jos sinulla on jo kokemusta alalta, saatat olla juuri oikea ihminen.

Kokemusta löytyy.

Full Stack Developer

[Helsinki / Warsaw / Cracow] Are you an experienced developer who can do it all? You flow fluently from Front End to Back End and have experience on working with various modern frameworks, including heavy integrations.

Sounds correct.