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Trainers' House BEAT Application

A revolutionary tool for shaping organizational habits

What we did

Strategy (co-design), Design, Engineering, Continuous maintenance and development

We partnered with Trainers' House to create a completely renewed version of Pulssi (now known as BEAT), which had already been available as several earlier release versions. BEAT is a mobile application designed to answer the question every single organizational leader tackles with: How do I create, guide and measure the strategic change in my people, teams and business?

How does it work?

BEAT is a tool to aid the overall change management framework created by Trainers' House. Business goals are split into small, measurable tasks on an individual level for every employee. Want to speed up sales? Define the tasks that need to be repeated by your sales people every day or every week. Want to build trust in your teams? Define tasks to enable the creation of bonds and openness.  

With BEAT you can create and root organizational habits and track how behaviour changes. Business KPIs are visible, and you can immediately see how changing behaviour links to tangible results.

The Beginning

An ubiquitous challenge

When we started the project, the existing product was showing age and lagging behind modern application standards. There were a lot of untapped opportunities at the product level. This, if any, was a case with a chance of a major international success.

First and foremost, there was a noticeable B2B usability gap. Why should applications designed for businesses' internal management be any less usable than the ones we use every day for communication and pleasure in our private lives? 

Our main goal back then was to modernize the service by improving usability and to give it a breath of fresh air. It was clear that we were competing with apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat and Facebook for the same scarce attention of users.

The work

To Reinvent and Re-engineer

We took apart the existing application and recreated it completely - touching strategic product and business roadmaps, the brand, UX, UI and technology stack choices. Our engineers rebuilt the application from the ground up on all major mobile platforms. We set out to create a scalable service. The architecture is completely built on parallel microservices. 

The stack is based on PostreSQL, Java, node.js, React/Redux and cordova.js-based applications on iOS, Android and the receding Windows Phone. Pulssi runs on AWS, the infrastructure is managed using Terraform and Ansible.

In the spring of 2018 Pulssi took a new leap towards internalisation and the service was given a new visual identity and a new name, BEAT. We worked together with Zeeland to give the service its new shape and form.  

The Future

We are the small things we do every day

We continue to develop BEAT together with Trainers' House. The work is extremely rewarding as the product keeps cornering new markets, thus giving us the chance to scale technically as the user landscape evolves. 

The future for BEAT looks blindingly bright and we are extremely proud to be a part of it.  

If you are interested in trying out BEAT in your organization, do not hesitate to contact Trainers' House.

Do you want to know more about this project? Get in touch with the product owner.

Linda Toivio

Project Producer
+358 40 725 6949