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Digital service design, UX design, UI design, Mobile app development, Java Back End, React Native Front End, DevOps, Fastlane, Docker, Beacons

We’ve been working with Jokerit ice hockey team over the years to develop their online media platform Jokerit is the kind of bold, media-savvy organization that knows the meaning of great content and isn’t afraid to make a statement. In 2017, they wanted to bring their digital presence into the app world. 

Break free from platforms

Jokerit have a large audience of engaged fans who want to see their content and an abundance of interesting content produced by them, and about them. The challenge that all media outlets today face is that it’s getting increasingly difficult to get their content through to followers on social media.

Facebook is constantly changing its algorithm to the disadvantage of publishers. Gone are the days of organic reach. In the new Facebook, visibility costs money. Out of the 100k followers that Jokerit have on their page, only 5k will see their posts unless they pay for advertising. Furthermore, on social media Jokerit will always be competing with other publishers for the users' attention. What use is having all these followers on social media if we can't get our message through to them?

Minimum goal: 10.000 app downloads in the first year

Our solution was to get followers away from behind the social media algorithms into our own platform. The business case for an app was easy to find since the algorithms had changed so dramatically over the last months.

The numbers gave us a view of the potential market for a mobile app. The 100.000 followers want to see the team’s updates and are highly likely to download an app. One 10th of that - 10.000 downloads - already equals double the amount of visibility compared to organic Facebook reach. This is the number of users that can see Jokerit’s messages directly.

What's more, once we have the users in our own mobile app, we can get more data about what truly interests them and we can serve them with even richer, more meaningful content. 

Shaping the concept

We focused on features that would bring a whole new dimension to the relationship between the fans and the team. Nobody wants to download a mobile app just for notifications – it has to offer fans something new. A continuous stream of relevant content keeps the app in the fan’s mind and in his/her pocket. 

On one hand, the content must serve existing hardcore fans. We bring a variety of Jokerit-related content from different channels into the news feed. The mobile app is the bridge between games.

On the other hand, we must reach casual fans. We do this by enriching the live event. The live feed is key for downloads. The game is where we actually sell the mobile app. We should market the app aggressively during the games.

At which points in the game do we want fans to use the app?
What content do we show them at each point?

Obviously, we must boost ticket sales too. But if the content is solely focused on sales notifications and the live event, we aren’t using the app to its full potential. Only one out of 10 notifications can be directly related to sales.

We built the mobile app on top of the existing admin interface. Jokerit admins can manage all their digital communications from one place. We just brought some additional features to the admin.

Enough talk - how does it actually look?

News feed

For the fan, the mobile app is their first outlet for all things Jokerit.

We bring all the interesting stuff that’s happening in the world of Jokerit into one place. The mobile app combines news from various sources and channels for a credible, relevant stream of content that keeps fans warm between games. We don’t have to tell all the stories or own them - we can also borrow them.

The goal is top-of-mind. The mobile app should be the first place to see what’s happening around Jokerit and what the fans and media are talking about. From the app, users can then be directed forward to discussion forums.


Live feed

At the very heart of the mobile app is the live event. During a game, the app lives and breathes through the live feed. And when the game is over, it's wrapped up into the news feed… until the next game.

Images of mobile phone with Jokerit app running

Statistically, the live feed gets most traffic during away games. The mobile app brings the live feed to the fan's pocket wherever he/she is and provides a new way to take part in the game event.

Ticket sales, promotions and notifications

Animated gif of Jokerit app screens

The mobile app is already in the potential buyer’s pocket. This opens up possibilities for last minute campaigns. We can boost ticket sales with notifications. We can send fans messages about last minute ticket offers straight to their phone. The app is also a lead generator for partners and sponsors.

Two images of mobile phone with Jokerit app screens


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