Futures Platform

Futures Platform

The web application that started a new business

What we did

UX design, UI design, Software development, React/Redux, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 Front End, Drupal, ElasticSearch & Node.js Back End, Drupal Group module, Drupal RESTful module, REST API, DevOps, Continuous development and maintenance

Futures Platform is a web-based trend map that helps organizations form a holistic view of their future and make reasoned strategic choices in a changing world.

The Futures Platform web application is based on our client's vast expertise in future foresight. Starting from a simple minimum viable product we gradually developed the tool together, step by step. The web application received enthusiastic feedback from its users, such that a whole new company - Futures Platform Oy - was founded around the tool. 

What we did

A digital tool to help organisations assess the effects of future phenomena

The Futures Platform web application contains articles and videos of trends and change phenomena. The articles are created by the foresight professionals at Futures Platform Oy. Users can add their own observations and together assess the effects of the changes in their own operating field and plan actions that they can take in order to grasp emerging opportunities and threats. With the web-based tool, organizations are constantly on the map when it comes to future themes that matter to them. 

At Sangre, the project has spanned both design and production of the web application as well as continuous development and maintenance. 


A start up was established around the digital product

Throughout its lifespan, the project has been continuous, gradual, user-centered development, where every functionality and feature has risen from a clear need. Solutions have been found by iterating, searching and discovering user needs in an agile way, in close collaboration with our client. Together with their team of foresight experts, we continue to develop the web application based on user feedback and new ideas. 

Read more about Futures Platform and start your free trial at futuresplatform.com.

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