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When was the last time you looked deeply into the user experience of your digital service? Do you know what are the pain points your users are facing within the service? If not, how do you know where development will make an impact?

UX Review brinds an unbiased, fresh perspective to the project.

UX Review is a process where our UX Designer analyses an existing digital service from a user experience perspective, identifying any usability issues as well as the opportunities and strengths of the service. The UX Review brings an unbiased and fresh perspective to the project - one that isn't affected by legacy decisions, team politics or emotional investment in the design. 

The UX Review process is flexible and defined specifically for each case. Typically, the outcome is a visual report that gathers all insights and findings and offers concrete steps for improving the service. This report can be used for creating or prioritizing the development backlog, road mapping or defining A/B test cases.

The UX Review paves your way to creating better digital services for users and for business.

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