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Your creative digital partner, literally.

Our Story

We work great with startups. We have a proven track record of helping startups succeed. We’ve done it for our clients, now we want to scale our business and be a part of that success. Sometimes we come across an idea that gets us excited. We want to help it grow.

Your product + our team, where it counts

In the early stages of developing a digital product, what matters most is not only what to do, but also when to do it in order to reach your goal, whether it’s the first round of investments or selling your product to customers. We can complement your team when and where you need it, or we can bring the whole digital team to help you reach your goals.

How we work with you

Antti Malinen, Mikael Koskimaa

We invest sweat + capital to startups we believe in

  • Our main investment is our own work and expertise.
  • We can bring the whole digital team or add what is missing from your team.
  • Design, Dev & DevOps team, when you need it.
  • All the capital we invest goes into development of the digital service or product.

Not just a supplier, but a strategic digital partner

  • We help you figure out what you really need at each stage.
  • With our partners we provide funding, networks and mentoring on leadership, culture, marketing and sales.
  • We have a proven track record of producing MVPs for startups and helping them scale up.

Ready to talk?

We are a creative digital agency from Helsinki. When we're not working on creating cool things for our clients, we invest our work in promising startups of the future. Find out more about us and our work here.

Laura Tuppurainen
Laura Tuppurainen

Project Producer
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