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Innovation Voucher

We help our clients create digital innovations with Business Finland's innovation voucher.

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What is the innovation voucher?

Business Finland's innovation voucher enables SMEs with a new product or service idea with international growth potential to purchase external expertise. The voucher can be used to purchase new knowledge and skills from expert services related to innovation activities, for example for product development, strategy or testing. The value of the voucher is 5000€ + VAT, which includes a self-financing of 1000€ from the company receiving the innovation voucher. Business Finland will pay up to 4000€ + VAT to the external expertise provider.

We are an official service provider for Business Finland’s innovation voucher.

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Who is eligible to apply?

SMEs engaged in well-established business and who have a new product or service idea with international growth potential are eligible to apply for the innovation voucher when they need the help of external expertise for innovation activities.

External expert services may be needed for instance to assess the idea’s suitability for further development, usability or marketability, for example, by means of demos, prototypes and user testing.

What can the voucher be used for?

(Source: Business Finland)

  • Services related to the development of product and service strategy (including the preparation of a design strategy)
  • Experiments and agile product and service development
  • Measurement and testing services relating to innovation
  • Feasibility studies and expert opinions relating to innovation
  • Services related to the evaluation and exploitation of research results

We specialize in:

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We dive into business models, customer touch points and operational processes to design how a digital product or service can drive growth in your business - or even create a whole new business.

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We create business value through user-centric design, turning ideas into prototypes and POCs that we test with real users. We create brand identities, user interfaces and experiences.

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We turn complex technological challenges into delightfully usable products and services. We create and maintain architectures that scale up.

Our Innovation Voucher packages

Package 1
Idea into Proof of Concept or Prototype

You already have an idea of a digital product of service in mind and you need to validate your idea with user testing.

  • Product Development / UX Design
  • POC or Prototype
  • User testing
Package 2
Service Design or Digital Strategy Workshops

You don’t have a fully formed product idea yet. You want to find out how a digital product or service could drive growth in your business, or you need help defining your product.

  • 2 x Service Design or Digital
 Strategy Workshops
  • Report
Package 3
Fully custom package for your need

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"Working with Sangre was easy, things progressed quickly and communication was effortless. As a result, we were able to validate and test our idea and the technology, which was very important in this stage."

-Founder Iida Miettinen, Kamupak


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