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Meet the team: UI/Visual designer Minh

Minh Nguyen is the guy behind many of our designs. Around the office, he's known for his impeccable style and delivering amazing visuals. We sat down with Minh to hear his thoughts on design, work and life in general.

So, tell me about your job. What is it exactly that you do?

I'm a design mayor. I'm responsible for making sure the product is dressed nice and functioning when it comes out.

How did you become a designer?

It has always been intuitive for me. I don't really have an education for it - I've learned by seeing great designs and of course by doing it myself. 

Why do you do what you do?

It feels natural. It's what I enjoy doing. I've tried other things as well, but I've realized that I can sit by the computer designing stuff all day without getting tired at all. Ultimately, I want to make the world a better place by making services better with good design.

What's your favourite design that you have done at Sangre?

Probably Buster.fi website, which we designed together with Jarkko and Mikael. It's a completely new way for customers to move towards a boat purchase. It's interactive and customers can see what they're doing at each step. It also helps the local dealers do their work. 

What makes a great design?

I think great design doesn't stand out. It just quietly functions and does the job. Take iPod and Braun products for example. Great design is long-lasting too.

Who is your favorite designer?

Dieter Rams, the creative director of Braun. I like his philosophy: Less is more.

"Great design doesn't stand out. It just quietly functions and does its job."

What do you like to do for fun?

I try to be active in my free time in order to clear my head when I'm not working. I like to try new types of sports. For example, now I'm trying out ultimate frisbee. It's fun!

What is your ultimate life goal?

To be free; to be able to work whenever, wherever. I would like to be closer to my family and be able to explore the world while working. 

Well, I guess you're already on a right track then, right?

Yeah, I think so. With a little bit of planning I can basically work from anywhere now, but I would like to do it even more. To put it shortly, I guess my goal would be to find a balance between family, work and travel.

What's your advice for someone who wants to pursue a career in UI or visual design?

Keep it simple! In design it's easy to add stuff, but you really have to think: Is it necessary? Does it add any extra value to the overall design? I used to be there too, adding nonsense stuff because I though it looked cool, but the more I design the more I realize it's super difficult to have great design which is simple. Like an iPod for example.

If you're interested in working with Minh or want to know more about what it's like to work with us, check out our Careers page.